Glasgow Highland Games for 2020

have been canceled

due to the Corona Virus. 

Barren River Lake State Resort Park is the site for the Glasgow Highland Games. A Scottish Heritage & Family Celebration is always held the weekend after Memorial Weekend.

Enjoy bag piping, harp competition, Scottish dancing, profession and amateur athletics. Great Celtic entertainment, special events and children games. Something for the entire Family!!

The Torchlight Ceremony, also called the Raising of the Clans, is a ceremony that long ago was used to call the clans to battle. In this ceremony, each clan brings its torch to announce itself as being present at the games. Each clan representative will take their torch onto the lawn where, collectively, they will form a Scottish Saltire.

The saltire cross is recognized as Scotland’s ancient symbol. A living cross of light is made up of a representative from all the clans and families who have come to participate.

The highest torch in the center was brought into the parade unlit in honor of those who have fallen, then lit to guide them home.

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